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The jbogugde Minecraft server is designed to provide players with lojban immersion through gameplay, providing its own translation of the game into lojban at a higher level of quality than the "official" translation.

NOTE: For now, downloading the resource pack automatically from the server is not working correctly. In the mean time, the translation resource pack may be downloaded from the following link: https://srasu.org/jbogugde-minecraft-translation-resource-pack.zip


Since the server is designed for users to be immersed in the lojban language, speaking in other languages is discouraged. Because many people find speaking or writing and reading lojban hard, there isn't a strict requirement that all interactions be done in lojban, however there is one rule about it: if you intend to say something related to the game (be it to propose a trade, talk about where your coordinates are, mention that sweet vein of 9 diamonds you just found, etc.), then it must be done in lojban. Any conversation which is off-topic to playing minecraft may be held in other languages (although you are encouraged to use lojban for these as well!). The goal here is that non-lojban conversations are mostly to assist learners to express themselves or understand the language, not to encourage off-topic conversations.

Beyond this, just try to be nice to the rest of the community!


The server uses the Java edition of the game, version 1.16.3, and is available at the following address:


Once you're joined, make sure you accept the server resource pack and change your game's language to la .lojban. in the language settings.

If you just want the resource pack, but want to use it for your own game, you can download it here: https://srasu.org/jbogugde-minecraft-translation-resource-pack.zip


Currently there are plans to build out a small spawn village near the world origin which will allow players to create shops, experiences, farms, and similar community-oriented features to the world. If you want to claim a part of the land which is marked out as owned by an admin, then send a message to one of the moderators to ask about getting a plot in the spawn village.

Server Features

The server isn't quite a vanilla server. It runs the fabric loader with a few server-side mods. This means that vanilla clients can connect as normal, but some additional features are included in the world. The two most important are sleep voting and land claims. When users sleep they vote for the night to be skipped. If enough players do, the night will be skipped and each player who slept through the night will be given a minor regeneration effect. Land may be claimed by a user with the flan mod[1]. To get started, use a golden hoe and right click on a corner of the land you want to claim, and then right click on the other corner. When completed, you will have claimed the land you drew out the box in, 15 blocks beneath it, and all blocks above it (right click on a block with a stick to determine who owns it). While inside the claim, you can send the command /flan menu to get a menu to pop up on your screen to set the permissions other players will have when inside the claim. Additional commands can be found with /help or on the mod page.


At the moment there are two moderators on the server, although if it becomes busy more may be added.

  1. srasu (on the wiki at User:Srasu)
  2. xRula

If you need a moderator and none are online, then feel free to contact srasu#0042 on Discord, or email mc.jbogugde@srasu.org if you have any questions.