Modern Lojban concepts

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  1. jboponei (duh)
  2. implicit abstractions with {co}
  3. jai/tu'a (not unofficial but WAY more common and necessary than it's given credit for in CLL)
  4. reduplication
  5. tcekitaujau
  6. {me'oi}/{la'oi}/{zo'oi}
  7. {pu'ei}/{ca'ei}/{ba'ei}
  8. unconventional uses of {bu}
  9. simple connectives
  10. spicy punctuation (to mi cusku "lu ko nelci !!! li'u" toi)
  11. {poi'a}/{noi'a} (+ {poi'i} ?)
  12. cmevla–brivla merger
  13. {ki'a} and appropriate question/answer etiquette
  14. All about attitudinals (and how to actually use them)
  15. New Sentence Links (.ajbo)
  16. uivla