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x1 grazes x2's arm with their fingertips in a flirtatious way.

.i la snugopoto cu smuni finti .i sy. zmadu ciksi skuna di'e ji'a

{ckla'e} is a word in Xrobau that describes a specific type of physical interaction that typically takes place between two individuals who share a flirtatious connection. The word refers to the act of gently grazing another person's arm with one's fingertips, often in a slow and deliberate manner. This action is typically performed as a subtle gesture of affection or interest, and is often used as a way of expressing a romantic or sexual attraction.

The act of {ckla'e} is often accompanied by a number of nonverbal cues, such as eye contact, smiling, and body language that signal to the other person that the interaction is intended to be flirtatious or romantic in nature. While the act of {ckla'e} can be performed in a variety of different contexts, it is most commonly seen in social situations where individuals are attempting to establish a connection or express their interest in another person. Despite its subtle nature, {ckla'e} can be a powerful way of communicating one's feelings, and is often seen as a sign of intimacy and closeness between two people who share a romantic connection.