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slinku'iia is a lojban dialect which makes slinku'i words pronounceable simply by prepending denpa bu to them. This change is fully backwards compatible, as it doesn't change the meaning of anything that used to be grammatical; it only gives certain previously ungrammatical constructs meaning.

Such words are mostly fu'ivla created as nonce borrowings. For example, under slinku'iia, the English word "charge" could be made into the nonce word .tcarge.


Another feature of slinku'iia is that it allows for the creation of lujvo that begin with CCV'y (so-called sli'ykru words). Such words are considered slinku'i in standard grammar because if they weren't, then e.g. a lujvo from uidje + valsi, which would be formed as uidje'yvla, would fall apart tosmabru-style into the phrase ui dje'yvla. Under slinku'iia, the word uidje'yvla is a valid lujvo that means uidje zei valsi, while ui.dje'yvla is two words, a cmavo followed by a different valid lujvo that means djedi zei valsi.


Finally, under slinku'iia, any previously ungrammatical fu'ivla that have become grammatical can also now be used as rafsi. The only precaution that must be taken is that if the first rafsi in a lujvo is a slinku'i form, then the entire lujvo must begin with a denpa bu. For example, mulytcarge could be a lujvo meaning "completely charge", while .tcarge'yca'a could mean "charging device".